Crown Your Castle

         There is no other metal hybrid-EPS shingle available that is able to deliver the natural look of a cedar shake roof with these combined benefits, delivering the best value possible.  

         The ultimate in low-maintenance. Your VanGalee FirstShake roof will stay looking new because it is coated with a UV resistant fade-proof coating. The PVDF paint is the gold standard in painted sheet metal.

         Class 4 hail resistance. VanGalee FirstShake is extremely strong; made from 24-gauge galvanized steel with high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core.

         VanGalee FirstShake’s EPS core gives the roofing system insulative value, keeping your attic and home at stable temperatures, providing cost savings for cooling and heating.  

         VanGalee FirstShake is made of metal and is therefore Class A fire-rated. 

         A VanGalee FirstShake roofing system will withstand gale-force winds.

         VanGalee FirstShake has a flared keyway design that will help to keep the roof clear of debris. 

         Unlike cedar shakes which double in weight when wet, the VanGalee FirstShake hybrid shingle does not absorb water.  It remains at a consistent weight comparable or similar to asphalt shingles. There is no worry about damage to the roof trusses, as with some other roofing products such as concrete tiles and rubber that can be up to 5 times the weight.

         A VanGalee FirstShake lifetime roof will not only save you money long-term, but will in fact pay you a return on your investment + save cash on insurance premiums!

         Your home is your refuge from the elements and the world: your castle. Why not put a crown on your castle? Crown it with the enduring natural beauty and strength of VanGalee FirstShake.

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